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Articles for Parents

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Articles for Parents Empty Articles for Parents

Post by ginniebean Mon Nov 12, 2012 8:15 pm

PBS interview with Dr. R. Barkley-self Control

Notes taken at a Barkley Lecture, Self control, Sense of time, objectivity, relflection, reconstitution or, what is needed for future planning behaviour. How to be an effective parent or ADD Adult.

Russell Barkley Seminar Notes

A must read for those new to the diagnosis of ADHD, it was specially designed to help parents but its wonderful for adults with ADHD as well. This 40 page introduction to ADHD is one of the best pieces for understanding your child or yourself. Dr. Barkley brings the ADHD symptoms into high relief and does a wonderful job of explaining some of the more common questions parents have.

Dr. R. Barkley Teen Drivers - Part I

Dr. R. Barkley Teen drivers - Part II

Surprising secrets to school success

Helping Your Child Succeed at School - Carol E. Watkins, MD

Parents of ADHD Teens: School Issues, Social and Peer Relationships

ADHD Meds Do Not Lead to Future Drug Abuse - Sid Kirchheimer

Top Five Emotional Difficulties for People with Learning Disabilities

ADHD in Primary Care children and adults Oren Mason M.D


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Articles for Parents Empty Re: Articles for Parents

Post by ginniebean Sun Mar 31, 2013 12:14 pm


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