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Post by ginniebean Tue Jan 10, 2012 2:57 pm

So often people have questions and a hard time finding really good answers. I'll keep adding to this information library and I do hope you enjoy the information.

PBS interview with Dr. R. Barkley

Russell Barkley Seminar Notes

Dr. R. Barkley Diagnosis and treatment summary

Dr. R. Barkley ADHD: Nature, Course, Outcomes, and Comorbidity

Dr. R. Barkley Teen Drivers - Part I

Dr. R. Barkley Teen drivers - Part II

ADHD and Social Challenges at Work- Michele Novotni, PhD

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Invisible Fences, and Adult ADHD - J. Russell Ramsay, PhD

Executive Functions - by Thomas E . Brown, PhD

Dr. R. Barkley - Nearsighted to the Future

Adult ADHD is Real: How to Convince the Unconvinced

ADHD Meds Do Not Lead to Future Drug Abuse - Sid Kirchheimer

It just doesn't add up: ADHD/ADD, the workplace and discrimination - Bruce Arnold, Patricia Easteal, Simon Easteal, Simon Rice

Inside the ADD mind Dr. Thomas Brown

Neurology of ADHD

How to deal with the disbelief of others Rick Green

ADHD and Addiction Wendy Richardson

Praise and Acknowledgement Rick Green

Magic Threshold - A Little Can Mean a Lot - Ari Tuckman

Falling Leaves Growing To Do lists - Dan Pryor

How Can I Improve My Time Management Skills? Arthur Robin, Ph.D

Job Hunting Tips for the Unfocused

How a Partner's Untreated Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity (ADHD) Affects Relationships - By Gina Pera

Plain and Simple To Do Lists Mary Jane Johnson

Tips for Transition (into a new activity) - Mary Jane Johnston

Using a Day Planner as a Life Planner

Why is it so hard to let go of stuff? Linda Anderson

Making ADHD-Friendly Career Choices - Wilma R. Fellman, M.Ed., LPC

Top Ten ADHD Traps in the Workplace and How to Avoid Getting Caught by Them! - Kathleen Nadeau PhD

Civil Rights For you The Americans With Disabilities Act Dale S. Brown

Advocating for ADHD in the Departments of Correction

Brain Imaging Data of ADHD - Amir Raz, Ph.D.

Brain Scans Reveal Physiology of ADHD

Risky Business - Adhd isn't 9-5 why are your meds? Jeffrey S. Rapp, M.D.

Surprising secrets to school success

Helping Your Child Succeed at School - Carol E. Watkins, MD

Parents of ADHD Teens: School Issues, Social and Peer Relationships

ADHD: Not Just For Kids Anymore By: Terry Matlen, MSW, ACSW

Self Regulation

The Role of Impairment

Brain areas critical to human time sense

Top Five Emotional Difficulties for People with Learning Disabilities

Hyperfocus, how some minds relax

Differences in Adult ADHD Subtypes based on Comorbidities and Attention Processes

Risk and Resilience

Adhd and aging

Social Skills Deficits

Coping Skills

The Neurology of ADHD

Behavioural Inhibition, Sustained Attention, and Executive Functions Russell Barkley

ADHD in Primary Care children and adults Oren Mason M.D

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